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Moremi & Okavango

One of Africa's great wilderness reserves, the Moremi Game Reserve and the private concessions surrounding it, extend from the eastern section of the Okavango Delta to the wooded country of the Kalahari. It's size and diversity of habitats mean that it offers much of the best game viewing territory in Botswana.

There is some confusion about Moremi vs. the Okavango Delta. The Okavango Delta refers to the river system of the Okavango River which ranges from the Western Pandhandle right into the "five fingers" of the Delta that takes the waters of the Okavango River into Moremi National Park. So to cut a long story short , areas of the Okavango Delta fall within the Moremi National Park and some of the private concessions surrounding it.

Wildlife of the Moremi

Small groups of elephant, buffalo, wildebeest and zebra can be encountered even in the height of the rainy season. Animal populations increase with the onset of the dry season and peak by the time the annual floods arrive in the eastern parts of Moremi in July. The year round presence of plains game ensures that the Moremi has plenty of carnivores including lion cheetah, leopard, hyena and even wild dog.

Safari camps in the Moremi and surrounding private concessions

The Moremi has a large variety of luxury safari camps ranging in size from 6 to 24 beds that offer a high standard of service. Most of these camps are reached by light aircraft. Activities depend on whether they are water or a land camp and whether they are situated within the Moremi reserve or in a private concession. Dividing your stay between two camps – a land and a water camp will ensure a varied experience.

All camps within the national park are bound by the rules of the park which mean that no safaris walks or night drives are permitted. However camps that fall in the private concessions surrounding the park are able to offer these activities.

Camps within the private game concessions are able to offer after dark game drives as well as walking safaris as they are not bound by the same rules as those within the national park.

Okavango camps

Safari camps in the Delta fall into two broad categories of water camps and land camps, although some combine the elements of both. These labels refer to the types of activities done at the camps.
Water camps offer explorations by boat or mokoro on rivers lagoons and permanent swamps while land camps offer game drives and, if they are in private concessions, game walks. Combination camps offer both water and land activities.

With few exceptions all the camps in the Okavango Delta are small and exclusive in luxury en suite safari tents or elevated cabins. Most of the land camps and a good number of water camps are located on the edge of the Moremi National Park. To get an all round experience we suggest that guests include water and a land camp in their safari. If time does not allow this we recommend a combination camp where land and water activities can be enjoyed.


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