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Botswana accommodation

The traveller who wants their Botswana accommodation to be complete with creature comforts will be pleasantly surprised by the amenities on offer by the luxury lodges of Botswana. The adventurous traveller who wants to get back to get back to nature and sleep under the stars will fall in love with the pristine areas in the Botswana parks.
There is an accommodation to suit your pocket and expectations in Botswana.

What to expect

The safari lodges and camps within the prime safari areas of Moremi, Okavango Delta, Tuli and Chobe are small, in some cases catering for as few as six people. Lodge accommodation is generally of a high quality offering en suite facilities with hot and cold water, flushing toilets; excellent food and most importantly well trained and informative guides.

What not to expect

Do not expect to have cell phone reception at most of the lodges in remote areas. (In fact this is deliberately done to maintain the remoteness of the destinations) If staying 'in touch' is vital to you we suggest to stick to the more populated areas like the Kasane area of Chobe. All Botswana accommodation in the "out of the way places" maintain contact with their town offices by way of satellite or HF radio so you are in no way completely cut off from the outside world.

Baths are a rarity in the camps in the lodges of Botswana, however luxurious - especially those in remote areas. Most places have only a shower albeit with hot and cold water. A number of camps do offer baths in their honeymoon suites however, so if a bath is a must do, let us know and we will look for accommodation to fill your brief.

None of the lodges in the remote areas offer mains electricity. All the electricity needs are met by generators and increasingly via solar. Rest assured though, you will always have lights in your accommodation and a place to charge your batteries - if not in your accommodation then at a communal charging area.

How to get the Botswana accommodation that meets your requirements

We offer what we believe to be the best Botswana accommodation, wether luxury or budget, lodges or hotels, big or small, to give you the best safari experience for your budget. The term 'luxury' means different things to different people. It could be an en suite bathroom with a flush toilet and piping hot water where you are in in the middle of nowhere or sublime food when the nearest store is 1000 kms away. To some it's a good bed warmed with a hot water bottle; to others it’s a comfortable place to sleep after a great day’s game viewing with an inspired guide or listening to the sounds of the wild in a modest tent. Botswana can offer all these things but in order to provide you with the accommodation that suits your requirements and your pocket, please send us an enquiry form with as much pertinent information as possible.


We have a selection of Botswana safaris and packages so be sure to pass by that page and see if any of them take your fancy. We will be happy to make suggestions and plan an itinerary based on your specifications.


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